The Edge Gas Stove by Paragon

The new Edge Gas Stove available as convenional flue or balanced flue.

  • Net thermal efficiency of 95% on the balanced flue fires, and a 82.5% efficiency on the conventional flue fire.
  • Anti-reflective glass as standard, which reduces most reflection and gives the fire more of an “open” look and feel.
  • Black mirror glass firebox panels, designed to enhance the flame picture.
  • With the balanced flue version, you can either have a rear vented flue, or an “up and out” one.
  • High definition fresh cut finish log fuel bed.
  • Bluetooth remote control system – on/off, pilot standby and variable rate between high and low rate.
  • Large panoramic glass window for a wider view of the flames.
  • Adjustable feet for ease of installation.